PhD Candidate
Computer Vision Lab, Informatics Institute
University of Amsterdam, NL
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Science Park 904, Office C3.250 (map)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1098XH
Email: (at)

I am a first year PhD Candidate at Informatics Institute / Computer Vision Lab, University of Amsterdam where I am conducting researcher in the field of 3D Computer Vision advised by Prof. Theo Gevers and dr. Sezer Karaouglu.

Before, I have obtained BSc in Computer Science at National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” and MSc in Artificial Intelligence at University of Amsterdam (both Cum Laude degree).

In free time I am contributing to several open source projects including KDE, Fedora, Leechcraft and working on some pet projects.

Teaching Assistant

I do teaching assistancy for Computer Vision related courses.

Spring 2017 Computer Vision 2 (MSc AI)
Spring 2017 Project AI (MSc AI)
Spring 2018 Computer Vision 1 (MSc AI)
Spring 2018 Computer Vision 2 (MSc AI)
Spring 2018 Project AI (MSc AI)

Research Projects

Minh N. Towards 6DOF Camera Pose Estimation using Deep Learning. Master's Thesis. University of Amsterdam. [PDF]