PhD Candidate
Computer Vision Lab, Informatics Institute
University of Amsterdam, NL
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Science Park 904, Office C3.250 (map)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 1098XH
Email: (at)

I am a research engineer at 3DUniversum BV. I have a second appointment at Informatics Institute / Computer Vision Lab, University of Amsterdam where I am a first year PhD researcher in the field of 3D Computer Vision advised by Prof. Theo Gevers, dr. Thomas Mensink and dr. Sezer Karaouglu.

Before, I have obtained BSc in Computer Science at National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI” and MSc in Artificial Intelligence at University of Amsterdam (both Cum Laude degree). My supervisors were dr. Kostyantyn Kharchenko, Prof. Theo Gevers and dr. Sezer Karaouglu.

In free time I am contributing to several open source projects including KDE, Fedora, Leechcraft and working on some pet projects.

Teaching Assistant

I do teaching assistancy for Computer Vision related courses in UvA. You can fill an anonymous feedback form if you have any suggestions or complains regarding to lab assignments. Your feedback is welcome!

Spring 2017 Computer Vision 2 (MSc AI)
Spring 2017 Project AI (MSc AI)
Spring 2018 Computer Vision 1 (MSc AI)
Spring 2018 Computer Vision 2 (MSc AI)

Research Projects

Minh N. Towards 6DOF Camera Pose Estimation using Deep Learning. Master's Thesis. University of Amsterdam. [PDF]